Handbook to the Afterlife
Co-written with Jon Klimo

After the release of Jon's and my book, Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?, we realized there was a lot of good information about the afterlife in that book that people were unwilling to read because of their discomfort with suicide. We therefore went back to the material, took out the bulk of information about suicide and added other material to focus on the stages of the afterlife, as an extension of traditional lifespan development.

This book differs from ones before it because it is less concerned with proof or specific descriptions of types of self- or other-generated environments in the afterlife as it is on the what the spirits are need to accomplish during each stages of the afterlife, where problems can arise, and how those in spirit try to help the newly dead. In addition, we consider how spirits haunting locations can be moved on, and ways in which everyone can try to make contact with the dead, whether pyschic or not.

The book is about 300 pages in lengths, and divided into three parts.


  1. About this Book
  2. A Possible Glimpse Into the Afterlife: A Case Vignette
  3. The Possibility of Life After Death (including what major religions and mainstream science say)
  4. Sources and Means Used for This Book (including mediumship, electronic voice phenomena and instrumental transcommunication, mystic/visionary information, near-death experiences, out of body experiences, reincarnation research)


  1. Further Stages in Lifespan Development
  2. Entering the Afterlife
  3. Recognizing they are Dead
  4. Separating from the Body
  5. Meeting Spirit Helpers
  6. Moving Through Levels
  7. Reuniting with Loved Ones
  8. Resting and Recovering
  9. Visiting the Living
  10. Reviewing and Judging the Lifetime
  11. Doing Spiritual Work
  12. Reincarnating (including a discussion of karma)
  13. Adjustment Problems
  14. Harm to the Living


  1. How the Living Can Aid the Dead (techniques both for psychics and non-psychics)
  2. Moving Spirits On (techniques for psychics and non-psychics)
  3. Making Contact (ways everyone can try to connect with the dead, including in dreams, meditation, mediumship and channeling, automatic writing, electronic voice phenomena)
  4. Conclusion

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Available from your local bookseller for $17.95. ISBN: 978-1-55643-869-1 (1-55643-869-9)


Now available in the Czech Republic as Průvodce Posmrtným Životem published by Maitrea AS.Click on the image above for a larger version of their cover.

A Chinese version will also be available soon courtesy of the publisher Jiangsu People’s Press/Beijing Fenghuang Media Co., Ltd.


"Jon Klimo and Pamels Heath have done it again - produced a book that is so broad in its viewpoints and so deep in its research and narratives - that it cannot be compared to any other volume that concerns itself with the afterlife. They did this with "Suicide" (their first book), now they have done the same masterful job with its sequel, "Handbook to the Afterlife." The book is a "stand-alone," a one-of-a-kind.

They have combined over 200 years of published material on the afterlife and on mediumship, with traditions from the world's great religious and spiritual teachings that stretch back thousands of years. You get an overview here that summarizes human thought and feeling, fear and faith, in a style that is utterly fascinating and easy to comprehend. They obviously love readers, for the book speaks clearly to all who question: "What happens to me after I die?" An exceptional piece of work."
-- P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., author of Beyond the Light and Coming Back to Life 

"Heath & Klimo's book is a wonderful step towards further understanding the meaning of 'life after death' for all of us."
-- Loyd Auerbach, author of Mind Over Matter and A Paranormal Casebook.

"Handbook to the Afterlife" is a major contribution to the field of survival after death. It is well-researched, comprehensive, and easy to read. It is essential reading for anyone interested in what happens after physical death. Highly recommended."
-- Richard Webster, author of Soul Mates and Practical Guide to Past Life Memories.

Dr. Pam Heath and Jon Klimo’s research into mediumship and the afterlife have covered the entire subject brilliantly! It is a fascinating read and will open your eyes to a world of what happens after our physical death. I would encourage everyone to read and explore, Handbook to the Afterlife as it will be a classic for years on end! <br>
-- Annette Martin, author of Gift of the White Light, Discovering Your Psychic World, and Have Ghosts? We’ll Travel – San Francisco.

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